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Best Marketing and Promotion Tips for Telemedicine Professionals

Technology has disrupted every atom of our society, and medicine is no exception. Through the practice of telemedicine, experts can now expand their user base and grow their business, while patients can get quicker access to healthcare than ever before.

However, the applications of telemedicine in practice have not been well-marketed enough, resulting in the public being under-informed. That’s why the burden of proof, explaining the concept and actually selling the service comes down to telemedicine professionals themselves.

The point of this article is to offer medical professionals ideas to market themselves better and inform their patients about this alternative way of examining them from a distance.

1.    Promote yourself on the right websites

In the practice of medicine, patients value credibility and authority above all else. That’s why it’s important to associate your business with a high-authority website that will show potential patients that you’re an expert in your field.

Target websites such as Healthline, WebMD, and others which will help you attract the right audience. Avoid websites that have negative reviews among patients, because your business reputation can be hurt by association.

2.    Know your specific target audience

Depending on your area of expertise, you should make sure that if you use online ads for your services they always reach the right people.

The plus side of this is that targeting tools that are part of marketing campaigns and platforms will almost always allow you to pinpoint the exact gender and age group that you want.

So, don’t waste your marketing resources by promoting your telemedicine practice to people who don’t need it.

3.    Approach your patients with offers and discounts

Offers and discounts on medical services are never overlooked by people. Especially when someone is looking for advice online for an issue they’re dealing with, the right offer at the right time could help them find their way to you.

“Discounts and special offers are lead magnets in any industry, and telemedicine is no exception. They allow you to spark interest among those users that wouldn’t have otherwise responded to your marketing message – and increase the chances of conversion for those that are already interested”, says Martha Fellins, a content writer at TopWritersReview.

4.    Set certain marketing goals

Achieving marketing success without a plan is just luck. In most cases, you won’t get very far if you don’t set clear, objective goals.

Specify how you wish to increase the number of your patients as well as your numerical goals for each week, month and year.

5.    Start a blog

Blogging and using the right SEO tactics will help you look more professional and help people put their trust in your services and words.

This approach is especially beneficial in telemedicine because users frequently search for their symptoms or illnesses online. If you manage to rank first on Google on a medicine-related keyword, you can expect hundreds of patients coming your way.

6.    Use social media platforms

Social media platforms can help you better market your business and allow you to attract the right audience without you having to put extra effort or money in advertising your telemedicine services.


The fact that the telemedicine industry is not as widely advertised as some other service industries shows that there is still a lot of room for growth and that you can use marketing to stand out from your competition.

Marketing telemedicine can be one of the easiest ways to find new patients and promote the practice itself. After all, it’s still a young field and we can expect to see many new and exciting developments as the industry grows.

About the Author

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Pat Fredshaw is a passionate freelance writer and content editor at a few educational services including With a background in copywriting and sales, Pat is focusing on connecting businesses with potential clients through building trustworthy relationships.

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