International Programs

The Arizona Telemedicine Program is affiliated with a number of international telemedicine/telehealth programs:

Latin America

Members of the Arizona Telemedicine Program participated in the American Telemedicine Association, Latin-American & Caribbean Chapter (ATALACC). This chapter comprised professionals from Latin-American and Caribbean countries committed to the development and application of telemedicine and medical informatics. The ATP also worked with the Proyecto Nacional de Telemedicina y Telesalud in the Republic of Panamá.


The Balkans

The Arizona Telemedicine Program has provided telehealth training for healthcare personnel in the Balkans through programs sponsored by the U.S. State Department for the The International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation IVeH (former Kosova Foundation for Medical Development).


The Amazon Swim Project (2007)

On April 7, 2007 marathon swimmer Martin Strel made a history with setting a world record by swimming 5268 Kms (3274 Miles) down the Amazon river. Dr. Rifat Latifi served as Co-Director of the Amazon Virtual Medical Team for this project.


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