• To enhance healthcare delivery to medically-underserved populations throughout the state using telemedicine technologies.
  • To maintain a statewide Arizona Telemedicine Network To increase access to medical specialty services while decreasing healthcare costs
  • To use telemedicine outreach programs to encourage physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to establish and retain practices in underserved rural areas.
  • To provide ongoing training for preceptors, medical students, and residents.
  • To encourage students from rural communities into the healthcare professions and encourage their return to these communities upon completion of their educations.
  • To improve public health in rural communities by providing current information and training.
  • To have the Arizona Telemedicine Network serve as a test bed to evaluate the effectiveness of state-of-the-art telemedicine services.
  • To increase and promote the use of telecommunications for distance learning in health care.
  • To provide health care systems throughout the state with information, training, and expertise in the field of telemedicine.
  • To evaluate telemedicine equipment and telecommunications options and participate in their development.

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