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Company Name: Corvallis Children's Therapy
PO Box 1571
Corvallis, Oregon 97339-1571
Contact Information:
Pam Hood Szivek
Owner, Occupational Therapist
Year Incorporated or Founded:
State Incorporated or Founded:
Company Type:
Medical specialty service provider to healthcare providers, Medical specialty service provider to non-healthcare systems
Corporate Structure - Other:
sole proprieter
Description of Services:

Online Occupational Therapy services to children in homes, schools or clinics, in support of IEP goals or medical needs, using collaborative approach. Services may include direct service to children one-on-one or in groups, consultation with educational staff, parent or caregiver coaching, and specialty consultation and suggestions to generalist OTs working alone in remote locations.

Autism, Chronic disease management, Homecare, Integrated care, Mental/Behavioral health, Occupational therapy, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation
Ancillary Services:
Patient education
Currently providing services in:
Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington
Planning to expand to in near future:
Healthcare professionals have licenses in:
Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington
Target(s) for services:
Accountable Care Organizations; Community mental health clinics; Educational institutions; FQHCs; Government agencies; Rural hospitals; Insurers; Patients directly; Private physician practices; Schools
Number of customers (hospitals, clinics) currently served:
Number full-time other:
Number part-time other:
Other telehealth professionals:
After licensing and credentialing, average time to initiate services to new partner/customer:
Less than 1 month
Telemedicine systems used to connect to customers:
VSee, Cisco any cloud-based, secure, system-agnostic, mobile-enabled videoconferenceing tool designed for medical service delivery. Bonus for screen sharing options, chat, waiting rooms, integrated scheduling, integrated basic EHR for progress note and encounter data.
Electronic health records (EHR) incorporated in services:
How EHR interfaces with the EHR of the referring/consulting site:
Currently searching for a platform that integrates EHR, and is set up with EHR security with servers in multiple countries to store patient data in each patient's home country.
Wait time for consultation for emergency services:
Not applicable
Wait time for consultation for nonemergent services:
Less than 1 week
Integrate clinical practice guidelines into teleconsultations and practice:
How clinical practice guidelines are integrated:
ATA Telrehab guidelines were reviewed and policies and procedures put in place consistent with them. Guidelines on consent were followed in developing form.
Provides Billing Services:
Yes, we do the billing
Payers billed:
Private payers (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna)
Other Payers Billed:
Teleproviders are physically located in:
Teleproviders Locations - other:
British Columbia
How teleproviders are recruited:
great SEO--they found me through google to my website
Company Payment Model:
Fee for service
Complies with HIPAA and HITECH:
Minimum monthly consultation requirement:
no minimum
Minimum number of hospital beds:
no minimum
Minimum number of ICU or NICU beds:
no minimum
Joined the Directory: 02/23/2015
Information Last Updated: 04/05/2019

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