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Contact Information
William Maestas
Telehealth Program Coordinator
Year Incorporated or Founded:
State Incorporated or Founded:
Company Type:
Medical specialty service provider to healthcare providers
Corporate Structure:
Private for-profit
Description of Services:

About Blue Sky Telehealth: We have been providing telehealth services since 2006. Telehealth programs use secure connections and if needed high definition video imaging and other sophisticated technologies to allow specialists to diagnose and treat patients remotely. Advances in medical technology and online security have expanded access to care via telehealth. In metropolitan areas, small communities and rural areas, physician shortages pose significant challenges for hospitals whose patients require specialized care. Patients benefit from the improved access to teams of highly qualified physicians that telehealth facilitates. Our Doctors, Your Patients: Blue Sky Telehealth is the future of healthcare. We provide emergency and routine consultations dedicated to solving the national specialty physician shortage. Blue Sky Telehealth harnesses technology to improve access to specialized care. We provide innovative, cost-effective answers for hospitals seeking immediate access to experienced, board certified physicians. In a partnership with your hospital, emergency department and local providers, our physicians will exceed your unmet specialist demand so you can save time and save lives in your own community.

Epilepsy, Emergency medicine, Hospitalist, Infectious disease, Neurology, Pediatrics, Stroke
Tele-Services - Other:
EEG interpretation (Standard and Continuious)
Currently providing services in:
Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming
Planning to expand to in near future:
Louisiana, Nevada
Healthcare professionals have licenses in:
Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming
Target(s) for services:
Rural hospitals; Urban/suburban Hospitals; Private physician practices; Urgent care centers
Number of customers (hospitals, clinics) currently served:
Number full-time MD/DO telehealth professionals:
After licensing and credentialing, average time to initiate services to new partner/customer:
1-3 months
Telemedicine systems used to connect to customers:
We are platform-agnostic and will work with any Technology Vendor for services.
Electronic health records (EHR) incorporated in services:
How EHR interfaces with the EHR of the referring/consulting site:
We will enter information directly into your EMR, or if an EMR is not available will dictate or fax a copy of our consult directly to the hospital department and HIM.
Wait time for consultation for emergency services:
0-5 minutes
Wait time for consultation for nonemergent services:
Within 24 hours
Integrate clinical practice guidelines into teleconsultations and practice:
Provides Billing Services:
Payers billed:
Medicare, Medicaid, Private payers (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna), Tricare
Teleproviders are physically located in:
Colorado, Kansas
Complies with HIPAA and HITECH:
Minimum monthly consultation requirement:
no minimum
Minimum number of hospital beds:
no minimum
Minimum number of ICU or NICU beds:
no minimum
Additional company information:

Blue Sky Telehealth provides acute care on a timely basis for patients during the critical period following the onset of neurological symptoms. Combining clinical patient documentation with immediate access to medical imaging and advanced telemedicine technologies. Blue Sky Telehealth is the premier solution for enabling remote, acute neurological consults anytime, anywhere. Our Process: 1. You call Blue Sky Telehealth - A single phone call to us initiates the consultation. 2. We respond promptly - We have an average response time of three minutes in which we establish the acuity of the call. After initial contact, our neurologists initiate a video consultation. 3. Clinical information shared - CT images, tests and other critical medical data are pushed to our neurologist's desktop. 4. The attending physician and the neurologist confer - Our neurologist discusses the patient's case with the attending physician. 5. Our neurologist examines the patient - With the assistance of the 'robot', our neurologist speaks with the patient, records his or her medical history and performs an exam. 6. Recommended course of action - Based on the information gathered the neurologist recommends a course of action for the patient. Getting Started: 1. After we receive your request for more information, we will schedule a conference call with you to discuss your needs and review the services that Blue Sky Telehealth Solutions provides. 2. Once we have discussed the services you need, we will send you a customized proposal for your facility. When the contract is signed we will begin weekly conference calls with your key administration and clinical stakeholders to determine how to ingrate your chosen telehealth solution(s) into your current process. 3. With an understanding of your current call processes, we incorporate our telehealth solutions in your notification practices to ensure a seamless transition for all staff involved. We also work with your existing technology (robot) to facilitate adoption of the telehealth process, allowing you to easily train your staff. 4. After we have reviewed options and come up with a plan for implementation, we move to training on needed components and involve key staff members to ensure all stakeholders are involved in the process. 5. After successful completion of the dry run phase, we will be ready to serve your needs with our highly qualified neurologists. 6. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to support your organization should any issues arise in the process flow.

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