Press Release for the Delegation of Kosova Starting on 17th of January


KosovaAs Kosova is getting ready to celebrate the one year Anniversary of Independence and recognition from a great number of countries around the world the government of the republic of Kosova is getting ready to start the process of digitalization of the entire country including e-government, e-health, e-education and other issues in the country. For this they have selected to visit the state of Arizona in particularly the University of Arizona and Arizona Telemedicine Program ,the city of Tucson, the Arizona e-connection program as well as Arizona State University.



Minister BajramiThe Kosova delegation consists of Prof. Dr. Arsim Bajrami, Minister of Ministry of Public Services, Prof. Dr. Mr. Rifat Blaku, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Public Services, Ms. Brikena Mulliqi, Political Advisor, Ministry of Public Services, Mr. Isa Krasniqi, Director of Department of Information Technology, MPS and Mr. Selim Azemi, Administrative Assistant, Ministry of Public Services.

During this visit it is expected that high ranking officials of Ministry of Civil Services of Kosova as well as their collaborators and experts in information technology will talk with specialist in Arizona and gain insight into the process of digitalization and overcome practical and logistical issues that are on the way. They are the guests of Arizona Telemedicine Program and the Department of Surgery of the University of Arizona.

In particular the government of Kosova is very interested in e-Health as it is currently the leader in telemedicine in the Balkans and developing countries. Without doubt this visit will have a great significance for the new Kosova Government and its goals on modernization of the country. The goals are to see the most advanced telemedicine program in the world which is Arizona Telemedicine Program and e-Health elements. After this they will be visiting the Arizona State University as well as participating in the quarterly meeting of Arizona Telemedicine Council, that will be held on the 21st of January on the Arizona State Capital Campus, in Phoenix. Kosovan and Panamanian delegations will provide the Council with updates on telemedicine programs in their countries.
While in Tucson in addition to the University Medical Center, Arizona Telemedicine Program and the University Information Technology Department is expected that delegation visit with of the City of Tucson and ER Link as well as the Transportation Department and The Tucson Fire Department.

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