Arizona Leads the Nation in Native American Telemedicine


Native American populations in Arizona have traditionally lacked adequate access to health care services. Today, the Native American Nations in Arizona lead the country in implementation of telemedicine. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being saved by providing geographically isolated people high quality specialty medical services in their communities by telemedicine. 27 Native American Communities are linked to the Arizona Telemedicine Program’s telecommunications network. In addition to hospitals, telemedicine services are being provided at chapter houses and will eventually be extended directly into patients’ homes.

For additional information, listen to National Public Radio's All Things Considered, Monday, October 20, 2003: Telemedicine is a Success for Navajos.

Navajo CHRs

Community Health Representatives in Tuba City meet to discuss their participation in the Arizona Diabetes Virtual Center of Excellence (ADVICE), a federally funded program developed and administered by the Arizona Telemedicine Program. In addition to bringing health care services for diabetes, this innovative program will sponsor science fairs in schools and promote communication between students in several Arizona Communities. The focus is on diabetes and obesity. The program has been recognized by key U.S. Congressmen as a model of excellence in health care.

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