ATP Founding Director Recognized with Prestigious American Telemedicine Association President's Award


April 6, 2008; Seattle Washington

Dr. Ronald S. Weinstein, MD received the American Telemedicine Association President’s Leadership Award for Individual Contributions to field of Telemedicine at the 13th Annual ATA Meeting in Seattle Washington 

The American Telemedicine Association recognized Dr. Weinstein’s “contributions to the development and advancement of telemedicine worldwide”. Dr. Jay Sanders (right), the award’s presenter and President Emeritus of the American Telemedicine Association, and Dr. Weinstein (left), are widely regarded as “fathers of telemedicine”. Dr. Sanders participated in the first proof-of-concept demonstration of “television microscopy” the predecessor of telepathology, at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 1968. Dr. Weinstein was a pathology resident at the MGH at the time and observed early cases. In 1986, Dr. Weinstein introduced the word “telepathology” into the English language. Drs. Sanders and Weinstein were resident physicians together at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the late 1960s. Both went on to independently found successful state-wide telemedicine programs, in Georgia and Arizona respectively.
Dr. Weinstein is the founding Director of the national award-winning Arizona Telemedicine Program and past president of the American Telemedicine Association. He is also a past president of international pathology professional societies including the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, the International Society for Urological Pathology, and the International Council of Societies of Pathology. The Arizona Telemedicine Program, and its staff, has won awards as a top telemedicine program, for distance education over a telemedicine network, for clinical research, and for work in telepathology and virtual microscopy.

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