Arizona Telemedicine Program Team


mholcomb's picture
Michael Holcomb, BS
Interim Director
(520) 626-4496
Ronald S. Weinstein's picture
Ronald S. Weinstein, MD
Founding Director (1996 - 2021)
Carrie Foote's picture
Carrie Foote, BA, BS
Associate Director, Administration
(520) 626-2493
Elizabeth A. Krupinski's picture
Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, FSPIE, FSIIM, FATA, FAIMBE
Associate Director, Evaluations

SWTRC Director

Tara Sklar's picture
Tara Sklar, JD, MPH
Associate Director of Telehealth Law & Policy | Director, Health Law & Policy Program, Arizona Law
(240) 856-2555
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Kris Erps Stewart
Retired, Associate Director

Designated Campus Colleague


Stephen Klotz's picture
Stephen Klotz, MD
Medical Director
Kimberly Shea's picture
Kimberly Shea, PhD RN FWAN
Assistant Director, Telenursing
(520) 626-6076

Education and Training

Melanie Esher's picture
Melanie Esher, MAdm
Program Coordinator, Sr.
  • Continuing education
  • Telemedicine trainings
  • Videoconference scheduling
(520) 626-6103


rkerr's picture
Robert Kerr, BS
Budget Analyst, Principal
  • State  / Grant Funding
  • Human Resources
(520) 626-8775


christom's picture
Chris Martin, BA
Assistant Director, T-Health Institute
  • T-Health Scheduling
  • T-Health videoconference support
(602) 827-2113
karenmiller's picture
Karen Rogge-Miller, BS
Manager, Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Database Management
pyonsetto's picture
Pete Yonsetto, BS
Videoconferencing Administrator
  • Telemedicine equipment
  • Videoconferencing support
(520) 626-4497

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