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Book Chapters

  1. Krupinski EA, Silverstein LD, Hashmi SF, Graham AR, Weinstein RS, Roehrig H.  (2014).  Impact of color calibration on breast biopsy whole slide image interpretation accuracy and efficiency.  In: Fujita H, Muramatsu C (eds). IWDM 2014, LNCS 8539, Heidelberg, Germany, 744-748.

  2. Krupinski EA.  (2014).  Teledermatology & teledermoscopy: optimizing technology & information by optimizing users.  In: Pietka E, Kawa J, Wieclawek W (eds).  Information Technologies in Biomedicine, Volume 4.  New York, NY: Springer, 85-94


  1. Colombo JN, Seckeler MD, Barber BJ, Krupinski E, Weinstein RS, Sisk D, Lac D.  Application and utility of iPads in pediatric tele-echocardiology.  Circulation, 2014: 130A, A16748.

  2. Joseph B, Pandit V, Vercruysse G, Zangbar B, Wynne J, Kulvatunyou N, Tang A, O'Keeffe T, Green D. Friese RS, Weinstein RS.  Burn tele-photography: improving care of burn patients using smart phones.  ATA Annual Meeting.  Telemedicine and e-Health, 2014: 20;(5) A61.

  3. Lopez, AM, Krupinski EA, Weinstein RS.  Innovations in remote clinical education: lessons from an early adopter. ATA Annual Meeting.  Telemedicine and e-Health, 2014: 20;(5) A93.



  1. Vega S, Marciscano I, Holcomb M, Erps KA, Major J, Lopez AM, Barker GP, Weinstein RS.  "Testing a top-down strategy for establishing a sustainable telemedicine program in a developing country.  The Arizona Telemedicine Program - U.S. Army-Panama intiative," Telemedicine and e-Health.  October 2013, 19(10): 746-753. doi:10.1089/tmj.2013.0025



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  6. Joseph, B, Pandit V, Khreiss M, Azia H, Kulvantanyou N, Tang A, Wynne J, O'Keefe T, Friese RS, Weinstein RS, Rhee P.  Implementing smart phone tele-photography in trauma: Overcoming the hurdles.  Telemedicine & e-Health.  In press.

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