Meeting Presentations

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  3. Weinstein RS.  (2013) Informatics of Today and Tomorrow, Western Pathology Chairs Conference, Nov 6, Sedona, AZ

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  1. Krupinski EA.  (2013).  ATA Practice Guidelines for telemedicine quality assurance: Core Standards for Telemedicine Operations & Videoconferencing-based Telepresenting.  American Telemedicine Association Fall Forum, Sept 8-10, Toronto, Canada.

  2. Krupinski EA.  (2013).  Profiling telemedicine innovation: telemedicine in academia - Arizona Telemedicine Program.  American Telemedicine Association Fall Forum, Sept 8-10, Toronto, Canada.

  3. Krupinski EA.  (2013).  Telemedicine evaluation & assessment.  American Telemedicine Association Fall Forum, Sept 8-10, Toronto, Canada.

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  2. Krupinski EA.  (2013).  Telehealth Resource Centers - We are here for you!  ATA Business & Finance SIG Webinar, July 10.

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  1. Krupinski EA.  (2013).  How do you make sure WSI are safe to use?  Molecular Med Tri-Con Digital Pathology Conference, Feb 11-15, San Francisco, CA.

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  3. Weinstein RS.  (2013) Broadband in Education and Health Services: Challenges, Success Stories, and Opportunties in Indian Country (panel), Tribal Telecom Conference, Feb 12, Chandler, AZ

  1. Weinstein RS.  (2013) ACOs, Health Care Reform and Other Drivers Creating the Urgency for Virtual Care Models (panel), World Congress on Telehealth Conference, Jan 28, San Diego, CA

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