2001 Health Management Technology "What Works Awards" Best of the Best: IT Solutions in 2001


2001 Health Management Technology “What Works Awards”

                              Best of the Best: IT Solutions in 2001

Health Management Technology announces winners from its annual What Works competition and recognizes best healthcare technology solutions. Each year, the editors of HMT are proud to impanel respected judges from among the user, vendor and consultant communities of healthcare IT to read and evaluate What Works case histories from that year. These judges determine for us the top three winners and honorable mention awardees from among the year’s contenders—in effect, the best of the best of healthcare IT. The Arizona Telemedicine Program was specifically recognized for bringing “...quality healthcare services to even the most remote sections of the state.”

Judges scored each case on the following five weighted criteria:

Benefits to the user. Did the solution quantifiably help the organization solve its problem and achieve its goal? Were the results as expected or even greater? What were the unanticipated benefits? Was this the best solution for the particular situation?

Applicability. How applicable was the solution to other healthcare organizations with similar objectives?

Installation. Implementation and ease of adoption. How easily installed and implemented was the solution? To what extent did the vendor support and train staff during the transition period?

Scalability. Could the solution be expanded to include more transactions or users, or greater impact within the organization, but without significantly higher costs or infrastructure development?

Creative challenge. How well did the technology address or work around technical or administrative challenges such as limited budgets, legacy systems, or a multitude of disparate IT programs?

Announced in the May, 2002 issue of Health Management Technology.

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